God Remains

GOD remainsThe next installment in the thrilling Ethiopian Chronicles series from G. J. Phoenix …

Raffe Mariam is an Ethiopian priest, oldest son in a powerful clan, with unlimited possibilities on the horizon. But standing at that moment on a holy mountain, he feels like little more than a beggar. His sister is offering him a path, and all he sees down it is loneliness. Then, with a flash of light, and a heavenly message, he’s set on a new course. Involving his oldest friend and the guidance of the reborn Ark maiden, Raffe is frustrated by one thing, their insistence that the only woman to ever spur his interest, Destiny, be included.

Born in the gutter, she created her own kingdom only to give it all up for the one thing no one can buy. Together, they must solve an ancient riddle, finding the rarest sacred artifact he’s ever pursued. He may have to take down a lost God in the process, but nothing is going to keep Raffe from his goal.

Destiny and Raffe must both remember that when all else has failed, when there’s no other choice, no matter what … God Remains.