God Remains

An extremely brief glimpse of my 2019 release, God Remains. Raffe goes on his own adventure, and is forced to bring Gabriel and his nemesis, Destiny, with him. Will the two accomplish their goals or tear each other to pieces in the process?

When all else fails, and you feel there’s nothing left, only God Remains.

I hope you like it!

God Remains, coming soon:

Raffe made a choking sound as if he fought exploding into hysterical laughter. All three companions looked at him, irritated, and he held up his hands defensively. “Oh come on … ‘I’m humbled by your notice’? Kid, if you’re flirting, you’re truly going to have to work on your game.”

“I would never,” the boy vowed.

Gabriel snapped in frustration. “Let’s try to stay focused.”

Seeing that they were all gazing at her, Destiny shrugged and approached the ladder. Why was it always women’s job to go first, especially black women? If they wished to stand up here and discuss the plan for hours, they were going to lose the concealment of the night and the comforting glow of the stick in the hole. Unfortunately, this thought did little to bolster her confidence. Destiny had not been aware until now that she was frightened of caves. She was also not aware of a problem with the darkness until that moment.

Of course, she doubted that many women would be eager to climb into a pitch-black hole in the middle of the night.

It’s not pitch-black, she reminded herself sternly. The nice boy tossed in a glow stick to give some reprieve from the feeling of being swallowed by the earth. Though at the moment the thought of actually reaching out and touching the ladder made her shake, and she started to hyperventilate.

Raffe stopped her from grasping the rung. He swung onto the ladder and gave her an impudent grin. “I’ll go first.”

“Good. That way if I fall you can break my descent.”

“Feel free to make use of my humble body … however, you wish.”

“Some of us will still be waiting up here by morning at this rate,” Gabriel grumbled.

“What’s wrong with him?” Raffe asked Destiny.

“He misses his wife.”

“Nah.” Raffe cast Gabriel a speculative look. “He’s just horny.”

“That’s what I said.” Destiny joined Raffe on the rungs.god remains 3d

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