From GOD REMAINS, the fourth book in my Ethiopian Chronicles series:

“Why is it always about violence?” Destiny asked, her eyes narrowed.

“I have no idea what you mean.”

“You could offer to negotiate your way out of a problem,” she snapped.

Raffe shrugged with an insouciant smile. “Nothing I do pleases you. When I suggest violence, it is indicative of men. When I suggest passion, you claim me a lecher. I can see that our marriage will never be boring.”

“I am not marrying you,” she swore.

“Not right now,” Raffe admitted. “We’d hardly be likely to find a judge here.”

“I’ll get married by a holy man.”

“Fine, we’ll wait until we see Father Josephus.”

“No. I meant I wouldn’t marry you. If I get married, it shall be with the blessing of a man of the cloth. Not to you though.”

“Too late. You agreed.”

“You friend is delusional,” Destiny informed Gabriel, tossing her head exasperatedly.

“So you’ve mentioned,” he observed dryly.

Myron grew exasperated with them all and raised his voice. “Majesty, it grows late. You must complete the test before the end of the sun’s course.”

“Impatient idiots surround me,” Destiny said.

“Just open the damned rock—” Gabriel muttered.

GOD remains

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