The third book in my Ethiopian Chronicles has been a challenge, to say the least, but the relationship between Destiny and Raffe makes it worth it. Check out a passage from God Remains

Destiny approached Setur’s side. “If he fails, you will not k

ill him.”

“It is of no concern.”

“You will not kill him,” she ordered again.

“If he fails, he is not worthy of you.”

“Then you will send him on his way and I shall stay.” When he turned to her in surprise, she stared deeply into his eyes to be sure he fully understood what she was offering him. “I will stay as whatever you wish.”

“You know I would only accept your eternal presence. You would bargain your life, even eternity, for him?”

“I would give far more than my life.”

“You are my Sheban,” he murmured.

“I am Destiny.”

“Did I neglect to mention?” When Destiny turned to him, bemused, he gave her a wolf-like smile of triumph. “‘Sheban’ means Destiny.”

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