A taste of God’s Remains, coming soon from avalerionbooks.com

They reached Tel Aviv Airport late at night, and thanks to Destiny’s contacts, they were breezed through customs. Gabriel smiled as he remembered the last time he had come through this transportation mill he had been with his wife, though they had first met only a few days before.

He watched with bemused tolerance as Raffe and Destiny continued to bicker as they made their way from the private terminal to the waiting armored van.

“Why are we going straight to Hebron?” Raffe asked. “I think it’s most inhospitable of you not to invite us to your home to rest overnight. Some of us no longer look as if we were freshly pressed from the cleaner.”

“I told you, we’re going to a friend’s house in Hebron.”cropped-close-up-of-hands-of-a-group-of-tribal-children-ethiopia.jpg

“Not good enough.” Raffe growled. “Why can’t we go to your place here?”

They watched the driver load their luggage and briefcases into the armored van before climbing into the air-conditioned interior.

“I no longer have a house,” Destiny muttered.

Raffe stopped so suddenly that he almost fell from his perch as he was climbing into the van. “What?”

“I no longer have a house here,” Destiny yelled at him as she elbowed him out of the way to take her own seat. “I sold all my holdings in Israel a few months ago. I no longer have any property here.”

Raffe scowled at Gabriel. “So why is she coming?”

“I still have my contacts, fool.”

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