Both men winced when she snapped. Gabriel tried to smile at her. “Jazz, Raffe’s family are the descendants of the man who housed the Ark for King David. They have kept their rich history alive throughout the centuries by sheer force of will. It’s their belief that God chose their bloodline to be the guardians of the Ark.”

“So if we found the Ark …”

“I would take it away from you.”

Jasmine ignored Raffe’s comment as she continued to stare at Gabriel. “You would condone this? Even if it means Keda’s life?”

“I would,” he answered. Though his face was stoic, his eyes were teeming with his desire for her acceptance. “I gave Raffe’s family my word,” he tried to explain. “I will not go back on that.”

“We’re talking about a child,” she implored them both.

Raffe drew himself up straight. “And I’m talking about a task given to my family from God.”

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