“The Ark had definite opinions on when the Israelites did things, where they went, and what they did. There was a cloud of fire that would cover the tent where the Ark resided. When the cloud was there, the Israelites would stay camped; when it dissipated they would march again. The priests spoke to the Ark and received all forms of counsel. Moses would speak with the cloud and pass out edicts to the freed slaves.”

“You would think that the rabbis would want to get the Ark back.”

“I found an interview with the head Ashkenazi rabbi, who feared the Ark being discovered. You see, the current children of Israel are not pure from the viewpoint of the Ark, and if it were found, they would have to be forbidden from seeing or touching it. Also, finding the Ark means that they have to rebuild Solomon’s temple.”

Gabriel groaned at this news. “Well, so much for them helping us.”

“The building of the third temple is tied into the end of the world and the book of Revelations. No one is going to be looking forward to those events coming to pass. Well, no one sane at least.”

“Did you get anything about the Ethiopian church?”

“I stuck with the Ark. Why?”

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