Gabriel pulled Jasmine up from the floor and into his arms. He held her head tightly to his chest, smiling over the top of her hair at Destiny. “It’s not like that, Destiny. I’m like her older brother.”

“You do not act like an older brother, my friend; and I do not like being made a fool.” Destiny walked through a nearby doorway to a beautifully appointed living room and reclined on a chaise set in front of a group of plants. She knew the lighting there made her gown appear to shimmer and her skin glow like satin. Destiny was still angry that her former lover had used her connections to seduce a new bedmate, but she would be dammed if she wouldn’t remind him of all he was missing.

Her men ushered in the two Americans and made them kneel before her. Chase rolled his eyes at the drama she was conducting and said in a bored tone, “Get to the point, Destiny. What do you want?”

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